Health Office

Welcome to the Health Office

Mrs. Valerie Kingsley R. N. - K-12 Nurse

Telephone: (585) 243-1730 x2154

Fax: (585) 243-4267

Aurora Norman (LPN)


Please call the Attendance Office when your child is not going to be in school. For grades K-5 call (585) 243-1730 ext. 2146, for grades 6-12 call (585) 243-1730 ext. 2117. If you do not call to report your child's absence, the Attendance offices will call you to check on your child and make sure that they are safe with you. When your child returns to school, he or she is listed as illegally absent until we receive a written excuse from you. New York State requires a written excuse when your child returns to school.

Services Offered

The School Nurse is a valuable resource to the school and provides the following service in the Health Office:

  • Cares for ill children and provides first aid to students with minor injuries.
  • Handles all emergency cases.
  • Notifies parents of injury and health problems as warranted.
  • Administers authorized medication. (*see policy below)
  • Tests hearing and vision per NYS screening guidelines (you will be notified of any abnormalities)
  • Screens students for scoliosis per NYS screening guidelines (you will be notified of any abnormalities)
  • Supervises and arranges for required school physical examinations at grade levels 2,4,7 and 10 for students without a primary health care provider or without health care insurance. (Entering kindergarten students need to have a physical examination completed by August 15th by their primary health care provider.)
  • Provides individual health counseling.

In accordance with Public Health Law #2164, all children entering school must be immunized against polio, measles, Rubella, mumps, hepatitis B, tetanus, varicella, pertussis and diphtheria. Proof must be presented at the time of registration that these immunizations are completed or at least started and will be completed by the time school begins in the fall.

New York State Education Law requires that students born on or after 1/1/94 and enrolled in grades 6-12 receive a booster immunization for tetanus, diphtheria and pertussis (Tdap). This requirement was added in 2007 due to a resurgence of pertussis (whooping cough).


Any accidents occurring during the day, whether in the school building or on school grounds must be reported immediately to the child's teacher, the school nurse or the elementary or MS/HS office. Any accident occurring during a school sponsored activity that takes place outside of school hours must be reported the next school day.

Any child who suffers a serious injury or illness during the summer must present a statement from his/her doctor stating that it is all right for him/her to participate in any physical activity, including free play.

Be sure to discuss with the teacher and school nurse any physical condition which might require special care or limited activity.

Illnesses at School

If a student become ill during school hours and, in the opinion of the school nurse, should not remain for the rest of the day, arrangements will be made to have the child sent home. The parents or person designated by them will be called at home or at work and will be expected to pick up their child or make arrangements to have the child transported home. An ill child should not ride a school bus home.

It is essential that the Health Office and elementary or MS/HS office have on file a phone number for emergency contact for each child. When a parent can't be reached, it is imperative that we have additional adult contacts to care for the child's needs. All calls regarding dismissal due to illness or injury will be made through the Health Office.

If you are asked to pick up your elementary school child, please report to the elementary office first to sign him/her out. Then you may go directly to the Health Office to pick up your child. Parents of 6th grade students must come in to Mrs. Dubiel's office to sign their child out. Students in grades 7-12 with a Health Office dismissal pass may sign themselves out in Mrs. Dubiel's office.

Medication Policy

School nurses are prohibited by NYS Education law from dispensing medication to school children without specific, written authorization from parents and the primary health care provider. This applies to both prescription drugs and over the counter items.

If parents expect a medication to be dispensed to a child during school hours, the following requirements must be met:

  1. From the primary health care provider or prescriber- a written request indicating frequency and dosage of the prescribed medication.
  2. From the parent- a written request to administer the medication as specified by the prescriber.
  3. By the parent- direct personal delivery of the medication to the school nurse.
  4. Parents-Please request an empty labeled bottle from the pharmacist. This will be used for field trips.

The authorization described above is valid for the one school year only. It must be updated with the start of each new school year. Forms for Authorization for Administration of Medication in School are available on the Health Office Forms page. A medication authorization form is also required to be on file if a student self-carries/self-administers an emergency medication such as an inhaler for asthma. Not only is this NYS law, but it also keeps the school nurse informed of student's health concerns, allowing her to be of assistance in a health emergency. Parents of children who require special attention for medical reasons should discuss the condition with the school nurse as soon as possible after school starts.

Physicals and Dental Health Certificates

A current physical examination is required by New York State for students in Kindergarten and in Grades 2, 4, 7 and 10. Physicals must be completed within one year prior to the first day of the school year. You can get the form on our school website, under Health Office Forms, or you can use the one provided by your physician..

A law went into effect on September 1, 2008, requesting parents/guardians to provide the school with a dental health certificate. We are now recommending that your child have a dental examination in addition to their physical examination . The dental certificate form is also available on our school website, under Health Office Forms, for your convenience. You may take it to your child's dentist and once it is completed, it should be returned to the Health Office to be filed in your child's health record. Your dentist may fax the certificate to us as well. Our fax number is (585) 243-4267.