Board Members

Board President

Steve Beardsley (term 2018-2021)

Occupation: Senior Vice President, Commercial Lending Manager for the Bank of Castile.

Family: Wife Shannon; Children: Andrew , Josh 

Reason for Serving: To provide our students with the best educational opportunities we can while making sound financial decisions with our resources.

Telephone Number: (585) 243-4093

E-mail Address:
Steve Beardsley

Board Vice-President

Laura Geary (term 2019-2022) 

Occupation: Learning and Development Manager at Tompkins Financial in Batavia

Family: Husband Roy; Children : Chandler, Ryan , John.

Reason For Serving: To maintain access to programs that students need to develop into well-rounded individuals. To ensure that opportunities exist for all students at YCS.

Telephone Number: (585) 243-3298

E-mail Address:

Laura Geary
Glenda VanRy (term 2018-2021)

Occupation/Interests: Retired Teacher; Community Volunteer for YCS; Member York-Leicester Kiwanis and Geneseo Community Players

Family: Husband Dutch; Children: Kimber, Graydon, Blaine, Hardy 

Reasons for Serving: As a long-standing member of the YCS community, I want to help maintain our district's high academic standards, support our extra-curricular and sports programs, but also ensure that the district remains fiscally responsible.

Most Important Issue: To help foster a positive school environment focused on communication, collaboration, and above all, students.

Telephone Number: (585) 243-2126

E-mail Address:
Glenda VanRy
Marilyn Moore (term 2018-2021)

Occupation: Director of Intercollegiate Athletics and Recreation, SUNY Geneseo (retired)

Family: Husband Dennis; Son Patrick; Daughter-in-Law Rochelle; Granddaughter Willow.

Reason For Serving: To make a positive difference in the education of our greatest resources - the children of this district.

Most Important Issue: To provide a quality education and exceptional experience for all students.

Telephone Number: (585) 734-2468

E-mail Address:
Christine Bianchi (term 2019-2022)

Occupation: Civil Engineer at TY Lin International, Inc.

Family: Husband Craig; Children: Anthony , Malina , Victoria ,  Samantha 

Reasons for Serving: To help facilitate a balance between the needs of the school and the desires of the community.

Telephone Number: (585) 243-9611

E-mail Address:
Christine Bianchi
Kara Kane (term 2020-2023)

Occupation: Hotel General Manager

Family: Son:  Jerami 

Reasons for Serving: Helping to be a part of continuous improvement of the education of the students at the YCS District.

Telephone Number: (585) 260-7617

E-mail Address:
Kara Kane
Kirsty Northrop (term 2020-2023)

Occupation: Owner/Operator of Lawnel Farms in Piffard, NY

Family: Husband Tim; Children: Grace, Pierson

Reasons for Serving: To help students and faculty be inspired to reach their full potential while at York. Connecting the community in school functions while promoting pride for YCS.

Telephone Number: (585) 506-6184

E-mail Address: