Capital Improvement Project

Dear York Central School District Residents,

On Tuesday, June 9th, the York Central School District residents will be asked to vote, through absentee ballot, on a “NO IMPACT ON LOCAL TAX LEVY” capital project.

The Board of Education has been working towards creating a project that both addresses the District’s needs for improvements while simultaneously being good stewards of the District’s money.

The project is designed to enhance the District’s facilities through focusing on health and safety improvements and replacement of aging infrastructure items. The goal is to protect investments already made by our community as well as to prepare our facilities to meet future needs in a fiscally responsible way. 

The proposed capital project will cost $6,490,000 and does not require additional taxes on the part of the community and residents. The capital project that will make improvements to the main building of the school, the transportation center and improve the roadways and parking areas.

The health and safety of our students and staff are concerns that continue to be a major priority for the District. Over the years, the District has maintained the aging of our building and grounds with repairs as needs arose. Many of these repairs can no longer be completed as parts are obsolete and warranties are no longer valid. The projects laid out are necessary improvements to our building as found in a survey done in 2019.